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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  April 30, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm EDT

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trigger before your reelection. >> me needed far left, we're out of time. let's hol hold hands good night. gerri: hello, everybody. [laughter] confusion over obamacare. >> they will comply. gerri: is it working? home prices and higher. but for how long? is the market overheating again? and a new warning over food safety. what you need to do now to protect yourself. "the willis report" is on the case. ♪ gerri: our top story tonight, obamacare falling apart?
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plenty of evidence piling up that seems to point to just that that is not stopping the president from using the bully pulpit today to proclaim his signature legislation is already making it the lives of the majority of americans even better. >> 85-90 percent of americans who already have health insurance, it has already happened. and the only impact is that their insurance is stronger, better, more secure than it was before it. gerri: we have a terrific panel tonight to talk about this. the ceo of vital spring's technology. senior fellow of the manhattan institute. the president of adp national accounts services. welcome. great to have you here. i will start with you. the president said this is a great program for people who have private sector coverage already. >> i say that the biggest has not taken effect yet. those people have not felt the sting of obamacare.
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where it will hit the hardest. for individuals, there will see the cost of by double digits. everyone who was in the market today, january to first, 2014 coming ifor a shock. gerri: you talk to people and realize that they just don't understand this law. a recent survey -- survey shows they don't even know enough abot obamacare to understand its impact. people don't understand it, do they? me, the reality is people west of getting their hands and arms around this thing. >> the greatest problem the obama administration has had is just that, in tms of communicating the law, in terms of how these changes are going to work, how people are going to buy insurance with in the marketplace is, what will happen to their premiums, will happen if they commit you know, need to pay the penalties. there is a huge communication gaps that the white house and hhs recognize. that will compound even further if the implementation in sues,
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and i think that that is going to be the nemesis and the ultimate demise of obamacare because a communication has been so poor. gerri: i think everyone is talking about this issue, whether obamacare can survive and in one form. to you. you are in this interesting position where you have access to all kinds of data. and yet you say, of employees to understand was going on. there is a requirement to use it people will be surprised to hear. tell us about that. how much, how many people are likely to be involved in obamacare? >> many. in the data set that we have, we pay one in six employees in the country. we have benefit services to more than any other provider. we take this data set. year-ago we started doing research. we are looking at is the fact we have a full-time employee, 9-10 full-time employees to they are offered insurance. only seven in ten take it. a significant population. part-timers, 15% to part-timers
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are eligible. 18 percent ticket. what will happen,here is a nine and a half% affordability ruled that no employers must adhere to. in other words, you can't have any employee in your population that is going to be charged more than nine and a half percent of their income for coverage. if they go to an exchange because your coverage is too expensive and buy insurance on an exchange you will be charged $3,000 for every employee you. gerri: this is yet another cost to employers bottom line that they may not be expecti. people may not be ready for i you know, it is a surprise every single day. today we another surprise. the president says bear making it simpler. we have this application for obamacare that came out today it is three pages. the original was a buck, 21 pages. take a look at this. a little crazy out there. does this solve the problems of having a really complicated
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forms to fill out? >> some criticisms in terms of implementation. but to his point, low-income employees might say, well, my employer is going to take more of my paycheck. most people will turn it down. the employment rule. gerri: let's get back to these forms. this is what its people who watches television show. i easy to understand? emmy, three pages for people who are single. if you have a family, a ton of other people work. >> those three pages are not complicated. once you get into the exchange will you be sent to mitigate? you going to be able to afford health insurance to make people don't realize that a lot of people making above $45,000 as individuals, higher income families will have thousands of
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dollars of out of pocket cost. sticker shock. up to 30 percent increase last year. gerri: unbelievable. your clients, your customers, your patients are going to have to deal with all of this. are they prepared? did they see this coming? i have looked at these forms. all kind of reformation about how much money you make, it is like doing your taxes all over again. >> it will be cheaper for them to pay the penalty as opposed to going through the pages of filling out those forms. most people probably don't have insurance today will end up waiting because insurance companies cannot deny them. what happens is that those that are paying into the pool, those people, the premiums will go up. so there are three statemes that the obama administration promised all of us. everyone was going to get insurance. a lot of people will either opt out and jus wait or will b able to pay for the insurce.
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cost goes down. cost will not go down. premiums are going up, and the third is that this bill is going to pay for itself, not to shift gears. gerri: does not true. to you. your research has some fascinating data points. one is that the tipping point in a private insurance system is $45,0. people who make more than that in top-10. people who make less tend to opt out. what is that going to mean obamacare is in full force? >> well, it is a significant issue. if you look at the data it tells you 80 percent of the people above the income of ten. as you come down below $45,000 a drops precipitously. only 37 percent of people in the 15-20000 annual bracket better in the system. what that means is if you looked at the affordability is directly related to how much have to pay ping point.ce. when it rises above two and a half% of income they have to
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pay, people start to opt out. gerri: if that is the case then are all young people going to be opting out of obamacare? >> i would not say all people. gerri: people were making less than 45,000, that seem to indicate that there is going to be a huge group of people out there who will want to pay for it? >> what you're going to have his pay or play, so these individuals will pay either $95 or buy insurance. most of that, probably $95 is not enough incentive to buy insurance. as you go to 2015 and 16, that rises to $700 now you have a significant incentive to buy insurance. but the thing that i council or employers to take the ways it i not just about whether that is on your empyee, you have employees whose disposable income will be hit hard here. we are asking employers to think about that and how they deal with their employees. gerri: interesting stuff. you as a fantastic. thank you for coming in. get information. thank you so much. and we have more to come.
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including some advice on rebalancing your portfolio. everything from obamacare to marijuana. each state has there of law. we break down the rble. there is a rumble between the states coming up next. this is $100,000. we asked total strangers to watch ifor us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally.
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gerri: people are voting with their feet and taking a tough look at states' rules, regulations, and taxes putting states and in competition with one another. that topic is that focuses stossel this thursday >> s.d. an early lead. >> in which state our people freest. >> this is what democracy looks like.
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battling over how much money you must give the government. which states do it right. >> onto the regulatory laws, indiana and delaware. gerri: john stossel, host of stossel joins me now. competition is clearly a good thing. >> the soviet union had to build a wall to keep that out. it is confusing that they have different laws in different taxes. that means that if the leaders behave stupidly, we can take ourselves and our money and go elsewhere. >> the biggest winner was florida and arizona.
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>> nevada, that is one. weather plays a part of it, but the jobs are going there. the biggest losers are our states. within $58 billion in california and illinois and new jersey and ohio. gerri: there is a price tag for this obviously. >> thank goodness. >> been the libertarian that you are, in terms of personal freedoms, there are differences.
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>> we have many criteria that needs to be taking care of. can you drink, can you have gay marriage, things like that. gerri: that is interesting. it is an interesting analysis, and we look at this issue of taxes all the time. i increasingly see people voting like this. >> thank god we are allowed to in america. in texas, which is doing really well, they have a legislature that only needs every two years. pennsylvania with half the population meets every year. they have more legislation. gerri: that's a great point. don't forget to watch john stossel every thursday right here on the fox business network.
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gerri: the stock market is on
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fire with all three major indexes showing between eight and three points this year increase. investment portfolios are out of whack. joining me now is a financial advisor and he is the author of you can never be too rich. allen, welcome to the show. you know, we have brought this up. david was with us and he had this to say about rebalancing. >> that type of a thing as a bull market. it is a great time to pull back. we will see a market pullback this summer. gerri: i am one of those people which i think is probably too
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much. if so, how i do a? >> the first thing that i think people need to understand is what is rebalancing. it gives the investor a systematic way to manage their portfolio. anytime you can take emotion and guesswork out of it, that is great. so for those that don't understand what rebalancing is, now we have to make a pizza pie stocks and bonds nd international markets, where i set up my portfolio, each step represents 25%. well, in a market like this, we might see thu.s. stock market really exploding in growth. what a lot of people tend to do is this.
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instead of letting it sit there and grow and the chances of a growing down rebalancing effectively. it should allow you to sell high and buy other things well. some things need to go up and others need to go down. gerri: i am usually on the wrong side of that equation. most people, they let it ride. don't let it disrupt what is already working. and you're making decisions here. you are going to pay taxes on it if you're not in a protective portfolio and put them somewhere else. so these are decisions that can be difficult to me. at a moment like this in time,
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should you do it once a year, should you do it once a quarter. how often? >> i say you should do it every 366 days in the best case scenario, the reason is because if you have those gains of the stock sectors as example, one day after the year is complete, the more a much better chance reaping the rewards of long-term capital gains instead of short-term capital gains. best case scenario, wait a little bit after year to rebalance. but that is not always the case. right now we have six months of the u.s. stock market as was pointed out, it could be a pullback and it could be a good time. taking some of the growth of the ctor and use it to rebalance.
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>> you take out all of these. >> what kind of applicaons do you have. >> it coes up with a portfolio. the role of this, it actually is a pretty effective way for people to set up a portfolio. it was and 30 years ago, people
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retired at 65 and everyone presumed it would be gone by the time they are in the 70s. people are living longer so the rule should be updated. it gives you a better chance to have the longevity risk of a portfolio. gerri: thank you for helping us out. now you know how to rebalance your portfolio. well, it's time to talk about fox there is another mini flash crash today. did you notice that? security companies and 11% plunge in, nearly $2 billion in market value is. the stock quickly recovering. someone entered a bad trade and
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the markets closed out, the broader market index in the month at an all-time high. the nasdaq is at the highest level in more than 12 years. the dow jones to shy of this record. an appeals court today, macy's has exclusive rights to the product. and as we heard today, new york city. notice the stories online right now at fox lou dobbs comes up with advice for the republican party. what the party needs to do to win next year. in a huge jump in housing prices and consumer confidence is. after the break we will have the answers
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hey everybody, hi mom... streaming live with a tour of my new place... knowing you can still reach out.
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... and now you've seen it. that's powerful. verizon. get mom a lucid 2 by lg for free. >> from our fox business studios in new york, here again is gerri willis. >> we have great news for homeowners out there. the biggest jump in home prices sends 2006. that was right at thpeak of the market before the bubble burst. some economists are warning that we are heading to another bubble, but what do they know? less at somebody who does. the founder and president of these investments. housing prices up 93% year over year. something like 23%. can this continue?
9:31 pm
>> everyone starts screaming bubble and many to be careful of that word. there is still a lot of balancing factors in real estate. we have just under 1.5 million homes that are stilln some sort of foreclosure process listings are down 17%. we have a lot of balancing factors in real estate right now. >> a lot of people are saying that this is a lack of inventory and prices are going up. we are hearing about bidding wars and all kinds of competition. if i'm on the other side of this, maybe i have been sitting for a long time. how do i figure out the right price? >> you really need to get a good professional. sites like the low end truly are great sites to look at but they have data is moving so fast. a good realtor can adjust by
9:32 pm
what your property is. same square footage, neighborhood, so that you can price your home right. >> i find this fascinating and i love housing and i own a house. >> people were in a mania about housing. i don't think that is going to happen again. not for another generation. some people seem to think that we could be off to the races. and maybe we are. but it would be unlikely. such a different economy than we were seven or eight years ago. >> actually agree with him.
9:33 pm
and people that shouldn't have been buying homes shouldn't buy homes. credit limits on how to buy a home, not everyone needs to buy a home. sometimes it's okay to rent until you can affordably purchase a home you have to have the down payment you have to have the ability to take care of things. you have to maintain that. >> there is a lot of other fees that go into owning a home than just your payment. gerri: tonya, thank you for coming on. it is always good to see yu. next time i'm in phoenix, i'm looking up. >> all right, now we don't know
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what you think. are you planning to buy or sell? log onto, but on the right-hand side of the screen and i will share the results at the end of tonight's show. here's a great story we have been following for some time. we talked about it last night, as a matter of fact. life is far from normal for folks have i superstorm sandy. thousands of homeowners are fighting to get their lives back together. well, i would like to hear what is going on with you. i understand you're not back in your house yet. and you get all the right things. you have homeowners insurance and flood insurance. what is your status now? >> i am far from being back in my house.
9:35 pm
we hired a contractor to get back in. gerri: did fema help you? >> if you receive a certain amount, he did tonight. you're not able to apply for that. gerri: you are caught between a rock and a hard place. >> if you are denied fema, you are in eligible to apply for the state grant as well. you cannot apply for that. gerri: we are showing pictures of your home. this must be heartbreaking for you. can you tell us about this? you are a single mama made 5-year-old. >> we are displaced from our home, our family has been in a new school, new friends and new house, it has been really hard as he does want to get back home. gerri: what do you think?
9:36 pm
>> you cannot live in fear. that is one of the biggest things with several factors that caused this won't be as big as it did. i could go anywhere, i could get hit by a tornado or whatever and you can't keep running from things. i feel like breezy point is such a strong community and it is amazing. gerri: tommy about what is going on in your neighborhood. are people rebuilding? >> there are many others. some have moved back home. but there is many it's a homes have to be completely torn down. two to three years and i think there is about 2000 families displaced. gerri: you are still living in brooklyn. are you paying most of the free?
9:37 pm
>> just. >> a little bit of assistance, but you're paying the remainder of the rent and you're still paying your mortgage. gerri: you are in a lawsuit against your insured. you you're trying to get what you think you deserve because he recovered. >> that is right. i joined and there is a group against insurance, and they are going after homeowners. gerri: welcome to the beat goes on and we wish you the best of luck. we want to know what happens and if you ever get that check, i know you've had some checks, but not enough. >> thank you for having me. gerri: a warning from one of your favorite lunch meat and we check in with lou dobbs. don't go away it's as simple as this. at bny mellon, our business is investments.
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managing them, moving them, making them work. we oversee 20% of the world's financial assets. and that gives us scale and insight no one else has. investment management combined with investment servicing. bringing the power of investments to people's lives. invested in the world. bny mellon.
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gerri: we are almost six months from election day. and the republican party is assessing what went wrong and how to prevent a repeat. lou dobbs shares with us how the democrats got out the vote and the democrats idn't. >> it is not clear that e democratic party can repeat last year's performance when the nations first ballot is clear. everything the republican party did last year was inadequate. it was not enough. a lot of it was just dead wrong. some of those fancy super pacs and some of the big advertising budgets, while they certainly demonstrated that they aren't enough in the republican party has a lot of thinking to do. and they bter find some better thinkers they are going to be competitive.
9:42 pm
gerri: lou dobbs on for now. you have some good numbers to back that up with. >> the republican party needs good thinkers and they need to urgently. 2014 is coming at us quickly. overall, voter turnout was 56% down from 62% in 2008, down from 62% in 2004 in black voters representing 12% oeligible voters nationwide, casting 13% of the total votes last year. it made all the difference. black voters turned out at a higher rate than white voters and as they say, the result is history. gerri: will we be talking about tonight? >> tonight in the "chalk talk" we are going to take a look at just how the president is doing. we will talk about the very
9:43 pm
latest on benghazi with a the man who once led the hunt for bin laden. it looks ike after seven months, more than seven months, but the break is forming in that stone wall that the administration has put around the executive branch, including the state department. we will be joined by michael sharp who is the leader and we will be talking about the economy and stock prices getting higher. and we will be talking with art laffer at the top of the hour. gerri: we can't wait. have a great show. we are switching gears a ttle bit. chances are if you've ever been pulled over by the police, have you heard that in your ear? whose officers have seen it all. the tonight's top five common excuses to get out of the ticket. number five is more than 5% of people claim there is an emergency situation in their car like spilling a drink or being
9:44 pm
stung by a bee. number four is everybody else is doing it. this is a common excuse for more than 46% of drivers. and my speedometer is broken. number two, a mosque, i don't know the neighborhood. where am i from what is my name. and the number one thing people say is i did not see the sign telling me not to do something. 20% of people were more claimed that they did not see the sign. but it's impossible to see. coming in at number 10, blaming your gps system. gps system and technology building. they were instructed to make those illegal turns by a little box on the dashboard. coming up, my "two cents more"
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and a wrning about your next turkey sandwich. why could have bacteria that even antibiotics can help. stay with us. @
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at od, whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in with premium service like one of the best on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio, we do whatever itakes to make your business our business. od. helping the world keep promises. gerri: put down your fork. what these
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gerri: our nations brave men and women coming home to a tough
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economy companies have trained or hired 290,000 veterans and military individuals. nearly triple the original goal. that is good news. she'll obama is asking companies to hire 435,000 over the next five years. wal-mart, ups, home depot, blackstone group, target and mcdonald's have all committed to doing just that. even on, good for them. specifically your turkey, bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics. talking turkey, consumer reports 's specialist mike hanson. >> basically what we get there
9:50 pm
are pathogens. they are indicative of 90% of the samples that had one or more of these bacteria. 80% of that was resistant to three or more antibiotics. gerri: we are talking about roger, is that correct? >> that is correct. gerri: if i could get really well, will it go away?
9:51 pm
it can actually cause problems for you. >> oneegood thing we did find is that if the ground brown turkey was labeled as organic, no anti-boxer raised without antibiotics, the bacteria was on there was ignificantly less resistant to antibiotics. gerri: shut so i should look for organic? >> if it says no antibiotics are raised without antibiotics he won when we have antibiotics in our system, then what happens? what goes wrong? >> what happens here is most of the turkeys are often antibiotics but the resistance factor makes a big impact.
9:52 pm
gerri: what about the housing in which these birds are raised and killed? does that make an impact? >> part of it is the situation where they are raised the animals get sick. what they do is have disease prevention as well as growth promotion. we don't do at as humans. the only sick individuals, that is what should happen is that they are quarantined at. gerri: have you seen similar situations.
9:53 pm
>> the federal government allows upper 49%. it will pass a government great. that is the highest for any other ground meat many say it should be no more than 12% and perhaps less. gerri: so it is a matter of government regulation not being as tight on turkeys as it is on others? >> yes, and it is the problem with these industrial positions in the ways that they raise turkeys and chickens help to create these kind of conditions. gerri: you think it would make it less so. but not the case. michael, thank you for coming on. we appreciate your time. >> thank you so much. gerri: it is unbelievable. onto the stay in business history, back in the this day in 1803, the united states doubled in size as thomas jefferson
9:54 pm
purchased the louisiana territory. louisiana purchase cost u.s. government $15 million at less than 3 cents per acre. that would come out to $200 million or 40 cents an acre today. a pretty good deal. in campus in 15 staes presently, and it also started when jefferson wanted to push napoleon out of north america. april 30, 210 yeas ago, a long time ago. we will be right back. he be right back. he answered her question of the day. are you planning to buy or sell a home this spring. and taylor swift just bought a huge rhode island mansion. he will tell you how much you paid for coming up next. was it too much? more after the break
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gerri: all prices rising in bed you larry. the most and nearly seven years. basically a growing number of buyers out there bidding on a limited supply of homes. are you planning on buying are selling a home? we ask a question on 8 percent said yes, 92 percent said no. and here are some of your e-mails. corey from idaho, i worked for a small business with more than 50 employees to escape having to pay for their health care and are cutting everyone's hours to below 30. robyn from california says regarding your question, should sell funds be allowed in cockpits? as an air traffic controller i said definitely yes because if that grady of goes out pilots the way to talk to air traffic. have seen it happen many situations. some things are deeper than the public view. cell phones in the cockpit could save someone. interesting. judy from kansas, i enjoy your show. i watch it every day. keep up the good work.
9:59 pm
thank you. we love hearing from you. send me an e-mail. and you have to you this. real-estate experts and guest favorite, you have seen her. she has tough news for country music star taylor swift. it turns out she got a lousy deal on a new home. recently bought a massive 11,000 square foot mansion overlooking the ocean in rhode island. take a look at that. that is mighty pretty. should paid over 17 million in cash, cash, my friends. he is what barbara had to say about it. >> but just common ryland. >> to? >> to a swift. >> a bad decision? >> of course. never any guessing. here is some advice. user millions to hire barbara. gerri: that's my "2 cents more." coming up thursday, fox business
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has had a lawn special. we will take a look and all aspects of the industry and how can work better for you. join us for that. that's it for tonight on "the willis report." have a great night. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. thank you for being with us. there appears to be a break in the obama administration is more than seven month-long effort to limit the public knowledge on what happened in the terrorist attack on our consulate in benghazi. an attack that resulted in the murders of u.s. ambassador christopher stephens, foreign service officer john smith, cia operatives glendora the entire ron woods. at least four state department and cia career employees have sought counsel from private attorneys to represent them in the face of white house threats to prevent them from divulging classified and permission to congress


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